“Fed Up” Fried Noodle in Quang Ninh


One of the dishes that has a strange name near Halong Bay, Quang Binh.


Halong City @ Halong City GOV

“Fed Up” Fried Noodle is a new dish appeared in the restaurant in Ha Long City but earlier this dish is quite popular in the Chanh River area, the town of Yen Yen district of Yen Hung province.

The noodles stir-fried look is not eye-catching, because white noodles mixed with black rice, but also mushrooms, and green onion are all green, black. Moreover, if you are not used to eating seafood, it is difficult to enjoy this dish because its warm, strong flavor is characteristic of the food. But when it comes to this noodles, it can be addictive and it may be that the food that does not look good catches the eye, which makes us recognize the very thing we love because it creates a separate space on the meal that cannot be mistaken for any food.

How to make

Noodles are cut short about 5cm, and then set on a large platter or in a pan is also okay. Then use the knife to separate the shell, take the water in the bowl and put the “fed-up” inside. Depending on the amount of “fed-up” that we need more noodles or less. Usually, half a pound of rice noodles needs about 3 to 5 decigrams “fed-up”. Put enough meat inside the bowl, use the hand to feel, remove the “fed-up” sludge, and then but into another bowl to separate. Clean the mushrooms and chop it into small pieces. Onion also should be chopped into small pieces (about 1/3 finger). After that put the “fed-up” together with noodle and mix it with seasonings. Put the pan in the cooker, add oils, but first fry some onion first. After it smells good, put the noodle and “fed-up” inside. When all is cooked, add mushrooms and continue frying. After that, add some of the fed-up sludge that you separated earlier and then stir it until everything is well-cooked. The sludge can be added or not based on the appetizing of the eaters. Put the noodle outside, add some pepper and then enjoy.

What is “fed-up”?

What is “Fed-up” anyway? @ Du Lich Ha Long

“Fed-up” or Austriella Corrugata is a mollusk, hard shell, living in the mud or in the sea. They are mussels, but very passive. They can be made into many dishes, including the food that pregnant women can eat.

But Austriella Corrugata’s character is quite intense. We do not know if it has a strong taste that people call it “fed-up” or there are also clam, which makes the taste quite “fed-up”. However, including a clam and especially “fed-up”, as mentioned above, many will not be familiar to this seafood, noodles fried in particular and other dishes made from “fed-up”, in general, are not easy to eat, but eating it again usually create an addiction. We do not know if it is not so that each time has a chance to be in Quang Yen, “people” try to seduce us with this fried noodle, then when away from Quang Yen, we will dearly miss it.

The same way to make cooked noodles stir-fried, people can also change the type of noodles to make “fed-up” steamed noodle, which also is very tasty…

And, if I remember correctly, about four years ago, at a cooking competition for hotels and guest houses in Quang Ninh province hosted by the Quang Ninh Tourism Department, there was a group of chefs from one hotel has brought fried noodles to his menu in order to win the competition.

Hope you enjoy this dish in Halong Bay!

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