Nodding cake: Must-try delicacy in Quang Ninh


Nodding cake is one of the special dishes in Halong Bay right now.

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Just by hearing the name, you know that you can hardly say no to this one special dish of cake. “Nodding” in Vietnamese means “gật gù”. As people usually nod their head when they agree or feel something is good, Vietnamese is also the same and they often “gật gù” when they taste a delicious dish. “Nodding” cake is actually another kind of ravioli but made slightly different. When cooking, the cook will usually add some extra rice to the cake to make it thicker and juicier. When eating, all you have to do is dipping the roll in a small bowl of sauce specially made and eaten with pork cooked with brine. The dish is definitely undeniable.

The specialness of the dish

Quang Ninh Province: Birth place of Nodding Cake @ Bao Quang Ninh

Some believe that when eating Gat Gu Cake, you have to nod your head up and down to add more sauce while others prefer the another explanation, satisfaction – this dish is so delicious that you can not help nodding. No matter what the name really means, this long roll-shaped cake which made from rice powder is definitely a special local dish in your trip to Halong. 

Rice Powder – the main ingredient used to make the cake is relatively similar to Pho, rumor has it it was created by residents selling Pho (Vietnamese noodles) in the locality. The cooks have to soak rice with water overnight and then grind it into liquid. After that, the liquid is mixed with cooked rice to have the sticky as well as soft cake. In the next step, they pour the liquid into a mold and cover with a lid, use a bamboo stick to roll the cake into long shapes. During your trip in Halong, you should try at least once to make your own Gat Gu cake, it might sound a little bit challenging, but really interesting.

Special dipping sauce – the secret to making up the unique flavor of this dish is a perfect combination between fish sauce steamed with chicken fat, onion, and chili to have a cheesy, delicious smell.

Tourists who have a chance to visit Halong bay should pass Tien Yen to enjoy the unique Gat Gu cake. Your Halong bay trip will not be complete without tasting Halong specialties, especially Gat Gu cake.

Address: Hòa Bình Street, Tiên Yên Town, Quảng Ninh Province

Hope you enjoy this dish in Halong Bay!

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