Seafood noodle: Delicacy in Quang Ninh


Seafood noodle is an easy-to-find dish and should be experienced whenever in Halong Bay, Quang Ninh.

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Ha Long is not the only land of seafood but also a paradise of noodle added with natural ingredients. Noodle added with shrimp, fish, stomatopod is rich in nutrients, tasty and so unique that you cannot find them in any other places.
Seafood noodle

To find Ha Long`s true noodle, you should wander streets, drop by a makeshift noodle stand and watch chefs preparing the dish. White rice noodle, some peeled shrimps are fried with onion, grilled chopped fish, some soft squid slices, some fresh stomatopods, onion and colocasia gigantean – a kind of local vegetable, all are added in the soup broth
Must-have ingredients for the dish is seafood which must be caught in Ha Long within a day. Fresh squid, stomatopod, shrimp and crab are pre-processed by chefs with their secret recipes. Some ingredients are simmered for hours to make broth soup, some are dried to create an eye-catching look for the dish. Squid ball and grilled chopped fish, renowned dishes here, must be premade. The broth soup is made from pork bones, seafood broth, adding a proper amount of spices to create the great combination of salty, freshness and purity.

Noodle added seafood is best served when it is steamy with fresh local herbs, some pieces of chili and lemon. Even full of seafood, the dish is not fishy because all ingredients are fresh and prepared carefully. Just a spoon of the broth, it makes you feel like you were diving in cool water of Ha Long in the morning.
Start your day with a seafood noodle is a good idea. You can even visit a Vietnamese friend’s house, go to morning fish market, choose a bunch of seafood, make the dish with them and enjoy your special weekend morning. 

Stormatopoda noodle

Always an easy choice for locals and tourists @ Chiec Thia Vang

Directly caught from the sea, the main ingredient, stomatopoda will surely give you a positive impression as one of the best foods that ever exist on Earth. Sweet cabbage, shrimp, catawissa, fried onion, tomato and chilli are also added as sub-ingredients. The dish offers a wonderful taste of stomatopoda boiled with the irresistible taste of chilli. But of course, what makes the dish different is still the fantastic stomatopoda meat with the most wonderful bouillon of all tastes from sweet, spicy to sour.

Additional information

Seafood noodle appear in recent time but it can conquer even the prissiest diners as it fully converge elements: sweet, aromatic, nutritious. A bowl of seafood noodle has shrimp, squid, fried fish, crab meat, tofu and parsley. Sweetness of bone’s broth blends harmoniously with the cool sour taste of seafood, herbs. On Ha Long city, there are lots of restaurants selling this food. Some well-known addresses that you can refer is that the seafood noodle restaurant on the White Bridge – Ha Tu, Hai Van restaurant at the head of road to the Dong Bac company.

Hope you enjoy this dish in Halong Bay!

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